Career Mentor Link and Women in Engineering are career mentoring programs that match professionals (mentors) with UWA students (mentees). The programs give students access to “real world” insights from an industry professional who is interested in helping you develop your career.

The program has been running at UWA since 2003 and open to undergraduate students who have completed at least one year of study and all postgraduate students. Women in Engineering is a specialist program dedicated to Female Engineering students.

The Program

Career Mentor Link and Women in Engineering encourage the mentees to seek advice and information about their career direction and employment goals. In turn, the mentor shares their industry skills, experiences and insights and takes an active interest in the career development needs of the student.

The mentoring relationship is based on mutual respect, encouragement, constructive feedback, openness and a willingness to learn and share. Career Mentor Link and Women in Engineering run over the academic year.